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Webstylze is an official Google Partner!

PS** Webstylze is the only Google Partner in Barbados What is Google Partners? Google Partners is Google’s platform for advertising agencies, web professionals, digital marketing professionals and all other online consultants. The program grants access to a wide range of benefits for its Partners such as special events and training, industry research, Google AdWords, product updates and much more. What does this mean for Webstylze? This means that Webstylze has satisfied Google enough through their application and fulfilment of various requirements, to be trusted by Google, to become a Partner. Webstylze can now be part of the Partners Community on Google+ where they can meet and liaise with various industry professionals and leaders to ask questions and share experiences. They will also be able to get advice on Google products and how to continuously grow businesses. Being a Partner means: Google trusts you and so should your clients. Increased credibility as Google has given you their Partner badge that can be displayed on your website. It raises your agency’s profile. You are able to get access to offers and certifications for free. As a Partner, Google introduces you to potential clients through unique search engines for Partners. What does this mean for the clients of Webstylze? As a Google Partner, Webstylze can leverage their knowledge, experience, technical skills and partnership with all things Google advertising and Google AdWords to maximize gains and exposure for their clientele. Google Partners equips you with all the tools and certifications necessary to grow your clients’ business digitally. It provides Webstylze and their clientele with an edge over the competition.

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Monday, 20 November 2017